Electrician Training Courses Online

Regardless of the fact that many online training and certification institutions claim that it is possible for the prospective electricians to complete their training online, the reality is that they can’t become certified electricians by just completing online electrician training course, the way it is with many other professions. In the USA, before they can take the electrician certification exam and become licensed electricians, prospective professionals must complete both technical in-class electrician training program and develop their skills by doing on-the-job training. In addition to the minimum 144 hours classroom training requirements, at least 8000 hours of practical on-the-job experience is required, which means that even if an online electrician course is successfully completed, prospective professionals will still need to get four to five years of professional working experience as an apprentice electrician in order to meet all the certification requirements.

For everyone interested to become electrician, it is highly advisable to do so by enrolling into state sponsored electrician training program, by doing apprenticeship with the NJATC or other sponsoring institution or union, or by joining the US military and take advantage of the apprenticeship programs offered by the different military divisions. All these electrician training programs fulfil the US licensing requirements and grant the ability to become a licensed journeyman electrician after successful training completion, unlike most of the online electrician training courses. The good news for the prospective professionals who have already started an online electrician training course, or have successfully completed one, is the fact that most of the electrician apprenticeships give credit for the electrician training already completed online. Despite this fact prospective professionals will still need to accumulate at least 8000 hours of practical experience during the course of four to five years on-the-job training under the supervision of a certified electrician. In conclusion it can be summed that online electrician training courses are not the best possible option to become licensed electrician.

Despite the conclusion that online electrician training courses are not the best possible decision to become licensed electrician, they are very useful when already certified professionals want or are required to upgrade their professional skills and fulfil their continuing education requirements to maintain their professional journeyman license. There are a lot of professional online electrician training programs, specially designed to update licensed electricians on the latest state and local rules as well as the latest amendments to the National Electric Code. The best benefit provided by the online training programs is the fact that they let the trainees to go through the materials covered at their own pace, without the sacrifice of their own valuable billable hours.

The option for electrician training online is also valuable when already licensed electricians want to upgrade their professional skills beyond what they have already learned throughout the course of their professional career. One good example is the scenario when certified electrician has specialized in residential wiring but decides to acquire new professional skills in commercial or industrial wiring. Doing an online training course will be of great benefit to get in a speedy manner all the relevant technical and safety information needed.

It is very important to be mentioned that not every online electrician training program is recognized by every state electrical board for the purposes of continuing education, so it is highly advisable for everyone interested in an online electrician training course to check with the respective state electrical board if the selected online electrician training program is accredited.

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